Alternative Investments

At Mendleson Financial Inc. we seek out companies that provide “Alernative Investments” that can offer excellent diversification from the more traditional Investment Funds as described above. These type of Alternative Investments may not be suitable for all investors – but for those looking to diversify their portfolios we can offer you several choices.

Some of the companies we can recommend have been in business for over 30 years and have a strong track record of performance over that time. Indeed, one such company proudly boasts it has never lost a penny of any client’s money in all the time they have been in business. In fact, they have provided their clients quite handsome returns – even during periods of traditional market decline.

One such company dillegently researches “raw land” that after exhaustive review will purchase huge tracks of land throughout North America … land they believe will be required in the future by major developers. In fact, just recently, this company was approached by the FBI in Washington, DC to submit a proposal for nearby land for a major project to be undertaken by the FBI.

To provide you a sample of one of the projects for which they have provided land that ordinary investers invested in – see the photo below – which I personnaly took of this new development in Calgary.

Is 8.0% Contractual Return Possible???

Another “Alternative Investment Company” we rcommend assembles mortgage money for major developers. These are mortgages that ordinary Canadians have an opportunity to invest in by acting as a lender to these major developmentcompanies. These type of investments are referred to as “Syndicated Mortgages” whereby any number of Canadians can, in effect “pool” their money. Investors can pick from several projects being offered at any one time. The company we use for this has been in business for over 10 years … and is one of North America’s largest “Syndicated Mortgage” company.

A very unique feature of these mortgages is that they provide you the lender a contractual obligation to provide an annual return of 8.0%. YES 8.0% !!! and which could potentially be higher. Much better that the tiny percentage offered by most banks on their guaranteed products.

Both products discussed above are RRSP, TFSA etc eligible.

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