Nova Scotia Blue Cross

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Blue Cross is Atlantic Canada’s most popular and most sold plan by a wide margin. When you look at the benefits Nova Scotia Blue Cross offers compared to any other Health & Dental insurance plan it is easy to see why it the consumer’s choice.

The Nova Scotia Blue Cross plan distinguishes itself in several categories:

  • It offers “unlimited” prescription drug coverage included in its quoted rates. In other words there is no maximum dollar amount. Other companies which may offer unlimited coverage as an option (most do not) will charge an additional premium for this option.
  • Each individual covered under your plan will never pay any more than $50. Per co-pay on a prescription. For example, if you have a 20% co-pay (OptionsPlus) and your prescription costs $1,000 (YES – some do!) you might expect to pay $200 as your co-pay. This is what would happen with any other company’s plan that we are aware of – but with Blue Cross you will only have to pay $50. Thus Nova Scotia Blue Cross clearly protects you from some potentially very expensive drug costs.
  • Dental – Once again most of Nova Scotia Blue Cross’s dental coverage is “unlimited” for such basic services as fillings, cleaning, examinations, root canals etc (See each plan description for full details on co-pays, and certain limitations) NOTE that periodontal in NOT unlimited but provides $1,000 coverage per calendar year at 50% co-pay
  • Because Nova Scotia Blue Cross is local – it also offers a Quik-Pay servive for any out of pocket expenses by going to a Quik-Pay office. In Halifax Metro there is a Quik-Pay office in Scotia Square and another in Burnside Industrial Park.