Critical Illness

Critical Illness

Critical Illness Insurance is a relatively new product in Canada. It is designed to provide Lump-Sum payment to you upon the diagnosis of a Critical Illness such as Life Threatening Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, MS, Parkinson’s. Alzheimer’s and many more conditions.

Critical Illness is designed to provide you with financial protection at a time when it is needed most – while you are recovering from a serious medical condition. In addition, many insurance companies include a program called “Best Doctors” (or similar program). Best Doctors can provide you with access to the very best doctors and medical facilities throughout the world to review your medical conditions. Some people like to refer to that as a “Second Opinion” Often when there is a serious medical problem, different opinions abound … and you are confused as to which direction to take. Best Doctors can play a major role in helping you decide what is best for you.

In addition, often there are long waiting times – even to get important diagnostic tests. With Best Doctors you will know where you can travel to get these tests done as soon as possible – and you will have a lump sum payment from your Critical Illness policy to help pay for the trip and medical test or procedure. (NOTE: Your Critical Illness payment is usually tax free and may be used in any manner you so desire.)

Even if you have a serious illness now – we can recommend plans that are “Guarantee Issue” with either few or no medical questions.

Contact us to discuss Critical Illness plans that may be right for you. There is no cost or obligation for this service.