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Most people are as excited about buying life insurance or any of the other insurance products – as they are about going to the dentist. (Yes we have insurance for that too!)

You don’t really want to go to the dentist … but you kind of know it’s something you should do … or else you could be in for some real pain in the future. If you ignore the dentist for too long the pain may not only end up in your mouth – but in your wallet as well.

Insurance is much the same – you sort of know you should have some – but if you wait too long the cost will go up as you get older – or you may develop some health issue which could cause you to pay higher premiums compared to the regular rates – or if your health becomes very impaired – you may become ineligible to purchase  regular plans – although some plans you often see advertised with no medical questions could be available – but those plans come with low benefit amounts and very high premiums.

Many people are uncomfortable with Insurance because they are not overly familiar with the various policies and the various options that are available. So let me help you with some brief summaries in order to make things a bit clearer.

Types of Insurance

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Life Insurance
(including Mortgages and Loans)
Disability Insurance Critical Illness
Health and Dental Long Term Care* Travel Insurance

At Mendleson Financial Inc., we offer all of the above products on an Individual or Family Package, or as part of an Employer Group Benefits Plan.

* Long Term Care is not available in Employer Group Benefit Plans