Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

“Don’t Leave Home Without it!” That phrase is as trues as ever in regards to Travel Insurance. If you are planning any trips outside of Canada (or even within Canada), you should always purchase travel insurance BEFORE leaving Nova Scotia.

Should you be travelling to USA – the costs of medical treatment is enormous – even for minor procedures. Your Provincial Government Coverage (i.e. MSI, OHIP etc) will only pay the rate they normally pay within your province of residence – which is just a fraction of what would be charged to you in another country. YOU are responsible for paying the rest of the medical bill which could seriously affect your finances. Some countries, such as Cuba require you to have travel insurance before they will permit you to enter their country.

We offer travel insurance from many fine companies such as Blue Cross and many other companies and can find the most suitable plan for you.

Unfortunately, many people buy Travel Insurance through a Travel Agency or bank. Many of these employees are not fully trained in insurance matters – and in particular how “pre-existing” conditions may affect your coverage. You may find, when it is too late – that the plan you bought will not cover certain pre-existing conditions.

Seniors and Snowbirds

Often the most challenging cases involve seniors who are more likely to have a pre-existing condition. We will work with several insurance companies to find the best coverage available – so that should there be a claim – a senior will have a better chance in getting the claim paid. This usually takes a considerable amount of time to find the best suited Travel Insurance – time not often taken by the travel agencies or banks.

Call us to take the burden off you for finding the right plan. Once the most appropriate plan is selected we can often have the policy issued the same day.